SKY 100

The sky100 makes an ulterior step ahead by definitively abandoning the version equipped with the WALBRO 32 carburetor and substituting it with the WG8 model. Thanks to this new carburetor we can obtain enormous advantage both at technical as well as functional levels.

After numerous hours of tests performed by our specialized technicians, we have found that our new WG8 is:

  • more fluid in power delivery;
  • simpler to calibrate thanks to its single regulation;
  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • versatile e adattabile ai modelli precedenti (quelli con il WB32);

In addition, it’s the cooling system that permits us to utilize this type of carburetor. In fact, thanks to the liquid-cooled system the engine block temperature remains stable and under control in order to have a motor that works at the same regime without neglecting the output and the operating stability even in hot-climate countries.

The fundamental characteristic of the sky100 is that, not ever being exposed to the danger of overheating, it becomes eternal and thus lasting much longer with respect to the average engine life of motors in a similar category.

Not only the cooling system but also the technique utilized in the realization of the product, the cared-for finishing touches, the output (is hp at 10200 rpm), the low weight thanks to the use of strong, light-weight alloys with excellent resistance and at the particular processing method with numerical control machinery (cnc)



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Important information for correct use of Sky 100

Operating instructions

Sky 100 engine operating instructions

Spare parts

Sky 100 engine parts list


Use of a paramotor in winter with near zero temperatures, in order to have a correct motor function, it’s necessary to partition the radiator to allow convective circulation of the cooling liquid.
At about zero degrees temperature, we suggest covering an area of approximately 100mm on the inlet side. For this operation we can utilize woven tape or various other supports. Making sure that it is clearly wee-anchored at that is cannot be dislodged as the end up in the propeller.

For even lower temperatures, cover a corresponding larger portion.