General questions

  • The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of sale or from the date in which the product has been sold by the distributor.
  • All spare parts and labor, except transportation charges that shall have to be paid by the customer, provided that the product has been used and serviced according to instructions

To order spare parts:
Send the order by e-mail or fax, remembering to quote the serial number printed on the side of the engine guard. Always attach a photo of the faulty spare part, clearly highlighting the damage and describing in detail the problem. If the product has not been purchased directly from us, please contact your distributor first

  • Failures/faults caused by an improper use or negligence
  • Engine modifications not specifically authorized and approved by Sky Engines S.r.l.
  • Ordinary wear of components, parts and spare parts
  • Damages caused by the failure to perform to perform a regular maintenance
  • Damages caused by the use of the engine without a propeller
  • Damages caused by corrosion
  • Damages (seizure) caused by the use of gasoline without added lubricant
  • Damages caused by the use of parts not specifically designed by Sky Engines
  • Damages caused by the use of the engine at speeds above those recommended by Sky Engines S.r.l.
  • Damages caused by the loss of components during a flight, originating from the improper tightening of assembly/disassembly parts, which is responsibility of the owner
  • Accidents, injuries, abuse or negligence caused by the owner or by any other person using the engine in his name
  • Damages caused by the suction of foreign material
  • Damages caused by maintenance carried out by incompetent mechanics or unskilled personnel
This is not a certified engine!
Alterations carried out by the user or the removal of original spare parts may jeopardize the safety of the engine.
The user agrees to accept full liability and acknowledges that the engine may switch off during use.



Working hours

  • Monday-Friday: 08:00 / 18:00
  • Saturday-Sunday: Close

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