SKY 220S

After several months of test we are pleased to announce the release of the Boxer 220S racing Engine. The new Boxer 220S is on the the same line of Sky Engines products. It is on the same style of Sky 100S with the difference of being a twin-cylinder. The engine has the same Sky Engines design adn in the wake of water cooling and made in Italy; Sky Engines has concentrated its effort on creating a twin cylinder with exceptional performance. The engine parts are always obtained by using CNC machines and through the use of lightweight metal alloys that reduce the overall weight of 220S, improving the weight/power ratio. The engine has total weigh of 20Kg including radiator adn fluids. With the option of titanium exhaust, the weight decreases to 18Kg.

  • Bi Cylinder with liquid cooling
  • Displacement 220cc
  • Output power 36hp @11600
  • Peak recommended speed max 11300rpm


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Operating instructions

Sky Boxer 220S engine operating instructions

Spare parts

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